The Scientific Use of Animation

Molecular Biologists and researchers are still living in the days of textbook drawings to engage in how a cellular process occurs.

meiosis_diagramThese two dimensional drawings show how little of what a molecular object can do. Janet Iwasa, a molecular biologist, knows this all too well. She sees these drawings as vast simplifications of these complex systems as she describes in her TED talk.

This is where animation kicks in. Using such software as say Cinema 4D allows a biologist to create a three-dimensional structure of the whole system they are trying to convey and can even move them around. c444d
By seeing the whole cell, molecular vessel or whatever it may be can help a biologist create new hypothesizes on how it works. There is a deeper knowledge when that biologist or researcher is able to start moving that object around.

Most scientists, however, relentlessly revert themselves back to the simple two-dimensional drawings. They simply do not have the time to go through the courses to learn how to make these animated structures come alive. The pay offs would be astronomical, brooding audiences with extreme accuracy. These animations can help for what these molecular objects really look like, how they function and what can be done to keep these structures working.

Due to the lack of time, a new software has been installed specifically for biologists to create molecular animations. Biologists, animators and programmers integrated together to work on Molecular Flipbook. For a mfbbiologist that has never touched this kind of software it has been estimated that they will start making their own animations within fifteen minutes. This is huge in the ability that one sees these structures. Biologists are learning new ways to explore data and can now engage with their students in more profound methods. Only time will tell where animation will be able to lead biologists and the hypothesizes they will come up with.

JotForm VS Google Forms

For all you Google Form users, can I give you some advice? Switch over to JotForm as quickly as you can. Just by the name alone you should be able to tell that JotForm has a better use of forms. Here are a few things that JotForm allows you to do. You can upload images from the internet or your very own, same with logos, you can create your own branding, change fonts, colors, sizes and so much more to make it your own. With Google Forms you have a maximum of twenty-five templates to choose from. After a while they kind of loose their originality, don’t they? Here are just a few of them.

Coding can sure be a drag, can it not? Well with JotForm you can create professional forms that look appealing without having to know any code with the CSS Helper.

csshelpWith Google the only way to stand out from the crowd, to make your forms look better, is from your own personal use of coding. Now coding may be important to your field of study and it really is not a bad thing to learn, but to those who want an easier way to create forms, JotForm is the way to go with no hassle.

Let me go over what Google Forms does not have at all. They do not have a method of payment, there is no spam prevention and with “Google forms” there is branding everywhere, you cannot make it your own form for your personal use, for a company, etc. Not only that, but to the options that Google Forms do have, they are very limited. Integrating with other websites, they only have google spreadsheet. They only have a few functions to help make your form your own, different than anybody else’s. As for different widgets, you need to know a required HTML code or CSS code to add any.

Integration is a great way to come together as a whole. Ideas grow more rapidly among  different organizations that way. They can help each other out by promoting themselves. JotForm integrates with websites such as Paypal, Dropbox, SalesForce, WordPress, Twitter, etc.

payypal An example of this is once you have completed making a form you can drop that form right into another network you have.

networksCustomizing your form is very important. It is what makes yours different than anybody else’s. JotForm has various tools to make your form look anyway it wants. This includes the widgets you can use such as taking a picture or uploading a video from Youtube to your form. Let us say you made a video on pet adoption. Having that video next to a form so people can put information to adopt would be a great approach.


JotForm with its various options and credibility is a lot more reliable than Google Forms. Go do yourself a favor and check out the difference. Having an online form is so important these days for what you may be trying to show people. Make it easy on yourself and choose a website that will work with you. You will be amazed at what you will be able to do.

Adobe FormsCentral Shutting Down. Three Actions to take!

Adobe FormsCentral is Shutting Down. 3 Actions You Must Take Now


To the dismay of its users, Adobe’s FormsCentral is shutting down this July 28. They are discontinuing the product due to a lack of interest. The major players in form building have edged out this Adobe product, by hosting stronger products, continuously innovating, and focusing on ease of use. Although Adobe struck down the product due to it not being able to garner a large enough following, the users that it does have now don’t know what to do or where to go. Have no fear, JotForm is here.


JotForm’s engineers have worked diligently to help the doomed FormsCentral users. They have developed the first, and the only, completely seamless import tool.


  1. Easily import forms and responses to the FormsCentral Alternative: JotForm.
  2. That’s it. That’s all you have to do to save all of your hard work and data. So have you done it yet?
  3. Lounge on your couch, walk the dog, crack open a beer, all while savoring the moment of inner peace that JotForm’s Import Wizard has afforded you.


Adobe’s FormsCentral Shutting Down

Adobe’s FormsCentral will soon be shutting down. What does this mean? Well, for one, the users of FormsCentral will need to find another provider. That is where JotForm comes in. JotForm, which is already a huge company, plans to pick up a large amount of Adobe users that feel they have been left behind. They dfgdgare doing this by releasing a tool that transfers all the forms that the users have on FormsCentral. This easily takes the stress down a notch of having to find a new provider. JotForm  is welcoming them in with open arms.

FormsCentral is officially going down July 28 and no new content can be accessed by June 22 of this year. A representative of Adobe was saying how there was not as much demand as anticipated. It is more likely that hey just could not maintain an audience due to lack of tools, communication, etc. With JotForm, they are constantly making new tools and ways to make it so people use their forms and tools to design their own forms. With Adobe there was also no concrete user data. JotForm, on the other hand, kept up with their statistics. This shows that JotForm really cares about its progression. Also, who is using JotForm, the age barriers, for what reasons, etc. They care enough to really find who the target audience is and while working in their favor, they are also finding new ways to attract new demographics.

The founder of JotForm, Aytekin Tank, quite his job in 2005 to form his own business to systematize web forms. He did this, because a lot of people were looking for web forms and just coming up empty. He made sure JotForm followed two guidelines. One was to focus on the companies strengths. This is sound advice. While wanting everything to work, categorizing what is most important will improve that aspect instead of spiraling out of control with every little thing. The second was choosing products over services. The product is the most important thing. It is what you are trying to get out there. Someone could have the best services, but if there is nothing to show the people then everything shuts down. As JotForm has the longest history with web forms, and from the looks of it the best thought out, they will remain on top for years to come.

Earth Day Forms

eaaaHappy Earth Day everybody! If you are looking for an Earth Day theme go to JotForm for some cool looking new free selections. There’s an autumn forest theme which has a form for reforestation. Reforestation deals with the restocking of forests/woodlands that have been depleted through deforestation. This can soak up pollution in the air and allow for more oxygen to be released. The color of the form itself shows a transparent forest green that works well with the background image of a large tree stump with other trees in the background.

If by chance you are looking for a theme that appears to have more mobility you may be interested in EltonCris’ Corals. It’s about coral reef conservation, helping to protect and save coral reefs. The form asks for donations. In a way corals are the rainforest of the sea, forming some of the most diverse ecosystems on Earth. They provide homes for over 25% of marine species. Fornemo you Pixar fans, the coral reef makes a great place to live for Nemo (a clown fish), his dad and even Dory (a Pacific Regal Blue Tang). The background image is filled with different species of fish swimming around and getting nutrients from all the different corals.

There are other forms such a Into The Woods. It’s a simple form wanting to answer any questions. The form is a transcending brown that works with the background image of the bark of trees. The image has a dark quality to it which makes the shine of the sunlight that much more visually appealing.

Many people stand up for Earth Day causes. Some use forms to demonstrate this. There are many causes that people could use forms for. Personally I would make a form to help make donations for JDRF. JotForm makes it easy to do so with their many range of tools and varying techniques. Keep this in mind if you or someone you know wants to get something out into the world.

Pain Within

Hello everyone. Here is a short narrative of someone who is always in pain, without giving too much away. Enjoy!

I try to do things to avoid pain with such methods such as exercise, meditation, even numbing myself by unhealthy measures, yet there is always pain underneath. People can say mental pain can be worse. I really beg to differ on that, I really do. I’m hiding behind a mask. I put on my smile and hope others don’t see what’s underneath, because then the doors will be open, causing my pain to be much worse. Like an addict, once my secret gets out people won’t truly understand and want to help. Alone I can deal with the pain. I don’t have to put up a front. With everybody bothering me to see how I was I would have no place to escape. No place this seemingly happy-go-lucky  guy can just release his energy by bursting out in the dark shadows and appearing A okay in the general public. People would be watching, seeing me in an entirely different light. It wouldn’t matter how I act, they would know. Just like that I would implode and come pouring out. So you see, for me to be in this world, to tolerate the need of existence, the real me needs to be kept in the depths of the dark. It’s like with cancer patients. Once they get the diagnosis every conversation is about that until either the chemo or the cancer itself finishes the job. Even if the person beats it, people will always see them as that cancer patient. They can never just be. Can never be left alone to drink a beer, put their feet up and watch the latest episode of what brings them that little bit of comfort they have left. I can sympathize. That need in strong within me. Maybe not so much with the beer, but it wouldn’t hurt- unlike other things. Sometimes I take needing a little “me time” to a new level so I go out with friends or whatever so people won’t get that much wiser. As long as everything seems normal, most people don’t bat an eyelash. Maybe they are trying to cover up their own flaws. Everybody hiding under their own personal radar. Suicide is and will never be an answer for me. Living in pain cannot be anywhere near as bad as dying in it. But if it were to be God’s divine will to dial down the pain just a little? No, I wouldn’t mind that at all. Look into someone’s eyes you may see something that defines that person. Look into mine and all you’ll see is a blank stare. In that aspect I can’t conjure up an alias, but can only cover up my wounded soul. I’ve come too far for people to see who I am underneath. I don’t know how I would cope if the gates came flooding down. I’m just not ready.