About Me

Hello all. Well I am Chris Paolano. My main passions are within the arts and writing. The type of art that I do is varied through computer graphics, self portraits, animations and other aspects. My main goal is to get into animation/cartooning. Writing wise I would love to get a novel out on the presses some day and have even started writing one. If I were to combine these two aspects I would not mind being a writer for a cartoon show. A lot of my inspiration for my work comes from myself. Some of my work deals with the struggle of being a diabetic, which is what I have to deal with on a day to day basis. I like to get out and explore rather than staying dormant. The more I can explore the more of a creative license I can envision for myself. Some of my other hobbies includes reading, working out, bowling, basketball and I could just go on and on. Well now you know a little about me so come visit my blog and let me know a little about yourself!

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