The Written Road

Sometimes it’s long and sometimes it’s short. The writer cannot always know ahead of time. If they plan on a work being long they may tend to fill in sections that don’t need filling in. It is best to see where the story takes you. The ending may be clear to you from the start, but it may change overtime and that is okay.That shows that you are growing with the characters. A reader shouldn’t know whats going to happen at the end from the beginning, so why should you? What’s the fun in that? Let the characters you came up with take you on a journey.

It’s best to keep to your element. If you think what you have written is worth reading then other people will feel the same way. Of course you cannot engage everyone, so why waste your time trying? Keep it to what you know and what you like. If for example you like horror, write about horror. Don’t worry about feeling you might be typecast  as a horror writer. So what? Do not try to up your vocabulary either, because you may edgarfeel yours is not up to par. By looking through the thesaurus you are writing something you would not normally write. This takes away from what could be a well written, engaging story that people would enjoy reading. Don’t worry about the extent of your vocabulary for now. It will get better the more you read and write.

On the contrary, writing is not like riding a bike. You cannot simply just hop back on. You have to keep at it for it to mature. Reading is also essential. How is one expected to write better if they cannot engage in what others have written? By keeping to only your own writing, you cannot experience anything new. It’s good to read up on many authors. Not only that, but also articles in the newspaper, the average person’s blog posts, etc. Read stuff from this century, the 1800s, from when rock n’ roll first hit the streets. This way you are guaranteed to get a broad stroke on all types of different avenues of writing. You will be able to pick up more things than if you were just to stick to one thing.

Writing should be a daily exercise. There  is this article Morning Pages by Julia Cameron. She states that by writing down three pages once you get up can ease the tension and get you into the flow. This is a great ghtexercise especially for those who find it annoying at first. Some of the best writing is done when a person feels unhappy and just wants to be left alone. There is more emotion that can sweep through the pages. Writing everyday can ease the stresses one may be feeling allowing for the mind to become clearer, being able to come up with more ideas to write about. You basically have to give a little to get something out of it. Don’t expect ideas to hit you all at once. Keep working at it and they will be flying around your head in no time.

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