The Release

Hello everyone. So I have talked about my tutorials projects in previous blogs. The two before the one I am about to talk about deals with diabetes. The routine of injecting an insulin injection into my leg and a what if video if I were to get a pancreas transplant. This new project deals with the release of pain for a diabetic before and after injecting themselves with a needle.

The before images show me preparing to limit the pain before I even inject.r1r7r2r5

The after images show how I can limit the pain that has acquired. Now it doesn’t always hurt, but these are just precautions to help ease the mind. Most of these images are healthy alternatives yet there are a few that could and will cause more harm if done repeatedly.r3 r6 r8 r4

At first I drew the images from references. Then I covered the canvases I used with an acrylic paint wash. After that I used charcoal  to bring out the drawings. I decided to add a little bit of color to each one to bring out certain elements. Then I took an knife and cut into the canvases, stitched them back up and poured different amounts of fake blood so it looks like it is coming out of the stitched marks. This is to convey that even though I am trying to reduce pain, the pain is always there underneath and it can rise to the surface at any moment, no matter what I try to do to relieve it.

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