(Hello everyone. Here is a new narrative I have been working on. It is a bit revolting at parts so fair warning. Well enjoy!)

“Hey John.”


“Everything good?” asked Ben as he opened the door to find his roommate in a parka lounger staring at a blank television set.

“Yeah. Yeah everything’s just gravy.” John got up from the chair and moved toward Ben. “Where do I start? I lost my job today.”

“What?! What happened?” Ben asked with a high pitched squeal.

“Well apparently marketing firms find it impolite to jerk it off in the company bathrooms.”

“John what the hell–”

“Never mind that I was on my break of course!”

“Why couldn’t you just wait til you got back here?”

John turned his head impatiently to his right as if a nervous tick came over him. “Well a Miss Jessica, I decided to bring her over a nice little cinnabun for her this lovely morning. Her door was unlocked so I just wandered on in. She was soaked, Ben. No, not from water but from the pool boy’s own personal selection of swimmers. Streaming right from her mouth. Her mouth Ben!”

Ben didn’t know what to say. “I, I’m sorry John. Really I–”

“So we break up. Short end of the story.”

What in gods sake did you do to her…them? Ben wondered.

“So, mighty pissed off at work I was, but I held it together until my break. My eyes turned to the bathroom and instead of putting another hole through the wall, I thought I’d do something along more of a healthy measure.”

Another? But Ben decided not to interrupt.

“So I was in the stall whacking it and I guess I was making a wee it too much noise and guess who comes in?”

This time Ben did speak up. “I don’t know John.”

“No guess, come on!”

Ben just stood there with his mouth slightly ajar, head shaking slowly back and forth. John looked at him with an open hand gesture. Well, I’m waiting. “Well you’re close! But no. It was the head of the company. Apparently his private toilet was backed up. Not a surprise. The fat bastard has been eating gyros for lunch everyday for the last five years.”


“So he hears me and knocks on the door. Well I was at the reach of orgasm, kind of loose control of my pecker and splat all over the floor hitting Mr. Duffy on his left shoe. Whoops!”

“Jesus John.”

“So I zip up, look at Mr. Duffy in the face, he tells me to get the fuck out, so  I pop him one in the mouth and leave.”

“You hit him?!” Ben couldn’t stand up straight anymore and had to grab the counter for balance.

“Yeah, yeah I hit him. So that was  my day buddy. How was yours?”

Ben suddenly woke up in a fright. He checked the clock. 5:26 AM. He would have to get up for work about half an hour. Oh wait, he thought. No I don’t. I don’t work there anymore. For reasons Ben couldn’t say. He got out of his bed none-the-less and entered John’s room. Sound asleep, at least that’s what people would think if they were to see him right now. But not Ben. He knows the truth.

They lived private lives, Ben and John. Both lone wolves, with little family connection. John had his mother in Seattle who maybe gets in contact with him once a year to send out the annual Christmas picture. Ben on the other hand, well Ben didn’t really have anybody. If it wasn’t for each other, at least one of them might have gone crazy from loneliness. In fact it looks like one of them has, but for a different reason.

Ben never had a girlfriend, never worked in a marketing company and never assaulted his boss. No that young lady and her pool cleaner he would hear on the news later that day died from falling over the ledge of a balcony. Also a poor old Mr. Duffy suffered from a heart attack after slipping on some left over mayo that was dripping from his hands. Although, that dream he had very well could have been his brain saying John was in on the whole thing.

Ben couldn’t deny he did kill John. Self defense mind you, John was drinking heavily at the time and came at Ben with a meat cleaver. It was a matter of kill or be killed. In his mind it all fit together and he believed every word of it. Even in his dreams his subconscious had pointed away from himself. It’s just too bad he will later have to convince more than just himself.

Ben walked out the door into the brisk morning with the couple of days he had left, his sanity not too far behind him.

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