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Earth Day Forms

eaaaHappy Earth Day everybody! If you are looking for an Earth Day theme go to JotForm for some cool looking new free selections. There’s an autumn forest theme which has a form for reforestation. Reforestation deals with the restocking of forests/woodlands that have been depleted through deforestation. This can soak up pollution in the air and allow for more oxygen to be released. The color of the form itself shows a transparent forest green that works well with the background image of a large tree stump with other trees in the background.

If by chance you are looking for a theme that appears to have more mobility you may be interested in EltonCris’ Corals. It’s about coral reef conservation, helping to protect and save coral reefs. The form asks for donations. In a way corals are the rainforest of the sea, forming some of the most diverse ecosystems on Earth. They provide homes for over 25% of marine species. Fornemo you Pixar fans, the coral reef makes a great place to live for Nemo (a clown fish), his dad and even Dory (a Pacific Regal Blue Tang). The background image is filled with different species of fish swimming around and getting nutrients from all the different corals.

There are other forms such a Into The Woods. It’s a simple form wanting to answer any questions. The form is a transcending brown that works with the background image of the bark of trees. The image has a dark quality to it which makes the shine of the sunlight that much more visually appealing.

Many people stand up for Earth Day causes. Some use forms to demonstrate this. There are many causes that people could use forms for. Personally I would make a form to help make donations for JDRF. JotForm makes it easy to do so with their many range of tools and varying techniques. Keep this in mind if you or someone you know wants to get something out into the world.

Pain Within

Hello everyone. Here is a short narrative of someone who is always in pain, without giving too much away. Enjoy!

I try to do things to avoid pain with such methods such as exercise, meditation, even numbing myself by unhealthy measures, yet there is always pain underneath. People can say mental pain can be worse. I really beg to differ on that, I really do. I’m hiding behind a mask. I put on my smile and hope others don’t see what’s underneath, because then the doors will be open, causing my pain to be much worse. Like an addict, once my secret gets out people won’t truly understand and want to help. Alone I can deal with the pain. I don’t have to put up a front. With everybody bothering me to see how I was I would have no place to escape. No place this seemingly happy-go-lucky  guy can just release his energy by bursting out in the dark shadows and appearing A okay in the general public. People would be watching, seeing me in an entirely different light. It wouldn’t matter how I act, they would know. Just like that I would implode and come pouring out. So you see, for me to be in this world, to tolerate the need of existence, the real me needs to be kept in the depths of the dark. It’s like with cancer patients. Once they get the diagnosis every conversation is about that until either the chemo or the cancer itself finishes the job. Even if the person beats it, people will always see them as that cancer patient. They can never just be. Can never be left alone to drink a beer, put their feet up and watch the latest episode of what brings them that little bit of comfort they have left. I can sympathize. That need in strong within me. Maybe not so much with the beer, but it wouldn’t hurt- unlike other things. Sometimes I take needing a little “me time” to a new level so I go out with friends or whatever so people won’t get that much wiser. As long as everything seems normal, most people don’t bat an eyelash. Maybe they are trying to cover up their own flaws. Everybody hiding under their own personal radar. Suicide is and will never be an answer for me. Living in pain cannot be anywhere near as bad as dying in it. But if it were to be God’s divine will to dial down the pain just a little? No, I wouldn’t mind that at all. Look into someone’s eyes you may see something that defines that person. Look into mine and all you’ll see is a blank stare. In that aspect I can’t conjure up an alias, but can only cover up my wounded soul. I’ve come too far for people to see who I am underneath. I don’t know how I would cope if the gates came flooding down. I’m just not ready.

Using Online Forms

There are many reasons why people use online forms. I’m using one so people can ask me about my blog and if they have comments. I put aspects of what I like to do on the form. Other people may find forms useful when they are trying to get feedback from a survey, filling out a job application, collecting statistical data, signing people up for a certain site such as Netflix, finding the right person to adopt a pet, etcetera. All in all every website should obtain a contact form to allow for feedback and or questions.

On Jotform, there are many ways one can easily create their own form. There are many options such as font, changing the background image to one of their styles or the person can upload their own image and they can mess around with the color scheme.  designForms can very easily be overshadowed by the content on the website and the visuals. It is important to make the form pop and what catches peoples eyes more than anything is color. Black and white work off each other so this is a safe choice, but if you wanted something more visual you may want to work off of complementary colors. An example is to use violet for the font and yellow for the background.  This would be nice for a spring time theme. Jotform also also has CSS options to help with margining and positioning without you having to know anything about code. By embedding the form you created can be sent directly to your website. cssAll you have to do is save your current form and its there on your website and the same goes with if you are making changes to your current form. Also the form should be easy to read so the use of bullet points or arrow and the appropriate tools can be helpful for each step needed with the proper amount of space.

form tools

A lot of people don’t like filling out forms, they don’t  want to give too much away. Leaving things, such as someone’s cell phone number as optional when you already received their home number, makes for an easier transition.  It’s important to keep the information as minimal as possible. Keeping things nice and simple will register with the audience you are trying to pull in, whether it be for a comment on a blog post or buying something from Amazon.

The form Paypal for example is a great form to know about. Most websites you can buy something off of, such as eBay, have the option of Paypal. After creating a Paypal account, once you want to buy something from another site you can click on the Paypal icon without having to rewrite your email, address or even your credit card information. One click of a button and it’s sent, after you sign in with just your name and password.

This is also a convenience. It is easier for some people to have a contact page, so they don’t have to give out their email to everyone. Someone may have a complaint on the job, but they don’t want to go to the boss personally so they could fill a form out online. People are more likely to say something if it’s not one on one, especially if it is anonymous. Some people in general find that the written word is more soothing for them, than opening their mouths. Whatever the reason there are many reasons why someone would use an online form and for others to use those forms .

CGI: How Necessary Is It?

The use of CGI, Computer Gateway Imagery, has been useful in movies and cgishows over the years. Over the years this programming has gotten better. An example is looking back, on say, low budget movies such as Piñata: Survival Island and looking at better develop movies such as Transformers. The CGI is so fake in Piñata: Survival Island that it just takes the viewer out of the experience. In Transformers it works very well.

Unfortunately I feel for the most part CGI is not really mastered at this point and I feel while watching a certain movie it is so easy to pick out. Back when there was no CGI in such movies as The Exorcist everything was developed by hand and there was better structure. The breath you see come out of the priests mouths when they are in Reagan’s room is actually their breath. They surrounded the room with refrigerated boxes to make the room freezing. I really love that use of authenticity. Even the makeup on Reagan’s face seemed more realistic than they show in horror movie demons today that insist on using more CGI. In  The Dark Knight, Christopher Nolan wanted to flip a truck without the use of CGI. This was accomplished and the scene is amazingly done due to the fact that is looks real and that it is real. There are minimal special effects in that scene, such as taking stuff out.

I think that’s what I’m really getting into here. That is that CGI is important to use, but the least amount is better. If someone can get away with something and not use CGI it will most likely turn out to be a bigger success. Now movies, such as Transformers, would be impossible not to use CGI. One really has to pick their battles to see what goes with what. If a director decides to use CGI just because they think it looks cool then that can compromise how good the film can be. If they excluded all other options then by all means.

I know I’ve been kind of bad mouthing CGI, but I’d lie if I were to say it hasn’t gotten better over the years. I’m sure down the line the use of CGI will become as realistic as an actual actor. A movie without actual actors, but they look no different than a real person and no one will be able to tell the difference. I felt the new Planet of the Apes movies were close to this, not with people, but with apes. I feel CGI will become more adequate in the future, but I still feel the old saying, “a little goes a long way” will be ringing in my ears. You can call me an old-timer, at only 22, but this old-timer is still willing to see what lies ahead in the future.

M.C. Escher

M.C. Escher (1898-1972) is one of the worlds most famous graphic artists. The image I have used for my contact theme, the one of the hands, was one of Escher’s works. A similar work of his, Reptiles, shows these flat images of alligators/ crocodiles coming out of the paper in three dimension climbing over items, eventuescher-in-romeally returning to the two dimensional paper on their trail. Eshcer has also illustrated books, something I myself would love to get into, whether it be the cover of a novel or the illustrations of a children’s book. Kaleidocycles, an illustrated book shows adapations of Escher’s two dimensional images that transform into three dimensional images and wrap around endlessly. He has also played around with architecture looking at perspective and impossible spaces. It is amazing how he is able to catch the viewers attention by using the space available to obtain tight patterns such as in his work Sky and Water 1. I really value his work, the imagery and thought process that goes behind them. If you haven’t,  I recommend you take some time to look up his work. I almost guarentee you have probably seen something of his without realizing it.