Have you ever taken a class on coding, learning to make a website or a form on such programs as Dreamweaver and thought why can’t their be an easier way? codingHaving to remember the coding for every part of a website, every little maneuver, can really take away from your precious time. Well with JotForm you do not have to know a lick of coding to build professional, high quality looking forms. The number of pre-made templates you can use are endless. JotForm is not limited to other peoples templates, you can very well make your own. As the late Michael Jackson might say, “It’s easy as one, two, three.”

JotForm allows you to mess around with color, font size, the type of font and so much more. With the CSS Helper you can change the border size, height, width, etc. with the click of a button. codejotWith images you can take them from the internet and upload your own to fill your form and/or background. Let us not forget about the opacity. You can change how solid your form is to match the background more and the same is true with font. A new slogan JotForm may want to think about is JotForm: coding made easy.

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