Books VS Movies

Books are a great way to escape reality. Movies can do this too, but with movies what are you left with? When I read a book I find myself in the setting, relating to the characters, no matter the genre. With a movie  I watch it and a moviewtcouple of hours go by and that’s it. There is little to no interaction.

Novels are these gateways to imagination. Sure many people can read the same novel, but everyone will envision something different in their minds. It can be how the setting looks, how the characters look, how they sound, etc. When everyone watches a movie they all watch the same movie. There is no difference. Constant readers tend to get lost in a novel, to loose themselves in a fictitious world, where their worries can be put on hold. A movie may provide this, but when reading your mind is fully within the story. With a movie, it is not as hard for ones mind to wander.

Reading a novel is a solitary act. One can read at their own pace and create their own visions. People are not yelling out that the killer is behind the door, bookssssbecause the reader is the only one who knows this. Being part of a book club is no exception to the rule. Many people may be reading the same book, but most likely they would not be reading in the same room or at the same pace. Discussions can then be made to see how other people have interpreted it and see if it matches up. A movie rarely requires this. Reading allows people to raise their awareness. Having learned about so many characters, readers are more intoned to how people in the real world act. Movies show what people expect from one another, not always what they are all about.

Movies based off novels usually always have some flaws. The main problem would have to be the casting. Everyone pictures someone different for the lead cast, so how can a producer appeal to everybody? It really boils down to the characteristics shown in that character throughout the novel. An example of casting gone wrong would have to be in The Shining. In the original novel by Stephen King, Wendy Torrance is shown as a strong capable woman. In the movie she is played by Shelley Duvall who is portrayed as a cowardly naive shell of a woman.

Constant readers are rarely pleased when a novel is adapted into a movie. They want the entire novel in there and with just a few hours of showtime, there is usually material that is missing. If that is not bad enough, sometimes screenwriters will take out important parts and make things happen in the movie that never appeared in the novel. The Hunger Gamesfor example, provided a different way in which Katniss obtained a mocking jay pin. This caused a little bit of an uproar.

tureThere are exceptions to the rule however. Sometimes the movie is well intact with the novel. In rare cases the movie can sometimes even be better than the novel it originated from. There are some producers and screenwriters who really can rise to the challenge in making most of their audience happy with the result. Although great praise must come from the novel, in any case, for the movie would not be seen without the author’s written hand.

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