JotForm VS Google Forms

For all you Google Form users, can I give you some advice? Switch over to JotForm as quickly as you can. Just by the name alone you should be able to tell that JotForm has a better use of forms. Here are a few things that JotForm allows you to do. You can upload images from the internet or your very own, same with logos, you can create your own branding, change fonts, colors, sizes and so much more to make it your own. With Google Forms you have a maximum of twenty-five templates to choose from. After a while they kind of loose their originality, don’t they? Here are just a few of them.

Coding can sure be a drag, can it not? Well with JotForm you can create professional forms that look appealing without having to know any code with the CSS Helper.

csshelpWith Google the only way to stand out from the crowd, to make your forms look better, is from your own personal use of coding. Now coding may be important to your field of study and it really is not a bad thing to learn, but to those who want an easier way to create forms, JotForm is the way to go with no hassle.

Let me go over what Google Forms does not have at all. They do not have a method of payment, there is no spam prevention and with “Google forms” there is branding everywhere, you cannot make it your own form for your personal use, for a company, etc. Not only that, but to the options that Google Forms do have, they are very limited. Integrating with other websites, they only have google spreadsheet. They only have a few functions to help make your form your own, different than anybody else’s. As for different widgets, you need to know a required HTML code or CSS code to add any.

Integration is a great way to come together as a whole. Ideas grow more rapidly among  different organizations that way. They can help each other out by promoting themselves. JotForm integrates with websites such as Paypal, Dropbox, SalesForce, WordPress, Twitter, etc.

payypal An example of this is once you have completed making a form you can drop that form right into another network you have.

networksCustomizing your form is very important. It is what makes yours different than anybody else’s. JotForm has various tools to make your form look anyway it wants. This includes the widgets you can use such as taking a picture or uploading a video from Youtube to your form. Let us say you made a video on pet adoption. Having that video next to a form so people can put information to adopt would be a great approach.


JotForm with its various options and credibility is a lot more reliable than Google Forms. Go do yourself a favor and check out the difference. Having an online form is so important these days for what you may be trying to show people. Make it easy on yourself and choose a website that will work with you. You will be amazed at what you will be able to do.

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