Adobe FormsCentral Shutting Down. Three Actions to take!

Adobe FormsCentral is Shutting Down. 3 Actions You Must Take Now


To the dismay of its users, Adobe’s FormsCentral is shutting down this July 28. They are discontinuing the product due to a lack of interest. The major players in form building have edged out this Adobe product, by hosting stronger products, continuously innovating, and focusing on ease of use. Although Adobe struck down the product due to it not being able to garner a large enough following, the users that it does have now don’t know what to do or where to go. Have no fear, JotForm is here.


JotForm’s engineers have worked diligently to help the doomed FormsCentral users. They have developed the first, and the only, completely seamless import tool.


  1. Easily import forms and responses to the FormsCentral Alternative: JotForm.
  2. That’s it. That’s all you have to do to save all of your hard work and data. So have you done it yet?
  3. Lounge on your couch, walk the dog, crack open a beer, all while savoring the moment of inner peace that JotForm’s Import Wizard has afforded you.


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