Going into the Contact Form

Making a contact form should be accessible to all. At Jotform I found this was very possible. While building my contact form I went to Jotform Form Builder, clicking imagesunder create My Theme. Going to the Designer tool the  Contact Form information was already in front of me. What I did to change it was I made sure the person’s name , email address and message was Required. This goes directly to my email account which I have put on top along with my name and contact numbers. I did this by clicking on one line and going to properties. I found it was the first option I could choose from. I also added a spot if they wanted to put down their website. One could also post things such as methods of payment, pictures, etc. Anytime you want to change something in your contact form you can do so in Jotform and it automatically saves to your site. I tested this out with a new image in the headline on the right to Contact Me.

I created a striped tiger border around the information. I did this by uploading a new image and clicking on background border while designing my contact form. Also I looked around and found there are many Templates one can choose from. I even typed in a category: animals and found many different templates. Some examples are forms to adopt a dog, animal control department, Camp Eagle training, etc. For my own template I added my own image of a tiger with its mouth open to surround the striped block. Clicking on themes allows you to choose from pre made themes such as nature, holidays, animated, among others. The beauty of this is that if you do not see a theme that fits well, you can request a theme at the bottom right corner. You just put in your email and describe the theme you need and submit it.

nYou can even create your own Theme to get exactly what you want. I messed around with a fake theme. To adopt a tiger symbolically. I made sure only I could see it. I did this by putting a headline and then adding a description about the need to save Tigers. By adding links I just copied and pasted the website into the URL box under the link button. Before that though I highlighted a word to hyperlink that link and also put that word under title. From there I just clicked on the button Add Link. The whole process was relatively easy. I did have problems however getting my form onto WordPress. What I ended up doing was simply taking the URL and just dropping it into a new page.

I felt like I still needed to jazz it up a little, so still going with my tiger based background I added a 3D tiger jumping out saying “Come at me!” I also wanted to practice adding videos to my site so I took a video from Youtube that has the entire Eye of the Tiger song by Survivor. Take a close look Here. Where did this love of tigers come from you ask? Well when I was on the road through high school I discovered the power of the Rocky movies and hearing that song, Eye of the Tiger, was been very motivational to me. It has kept me going through rough times and every time I see something that illustrates a tiger I can see the power that has driven me so far and continues to do so. Please feel free to contact me so we can start up this engine into full throttle!

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