Upping the Game

Expectations. Once a person shows what they can do whether it be something artistic, musical, physically enduring, etc. people expect more out of them. If that person starts out strong, the public will only want to see something better from them. There is no space for just being free and doing what you want to do with the expectations so high. That is unless the cycle is broken. Just because something someone does may attract us towards their work it does not mean every single one of their works has to do the same thing. As long as the creator is happy that is all that should matter. Critiquing is a good tool to use so a person too close to the project can step back and learn how to possibly make it better. The problem with critiquing however is all the negativity that swarms around it. If people do not see something better than they have five minutes ago they tend to either just not care or stomp all over it. We need to learn to slow down and just take something for what it is. Maybe it is not your style. That’s okay. As long as the creator finds something powerful in the work then it should not have to meet anybody else standards. It’s good enough!

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