The Stress of Being Free

Working on a project for weeks, even months on end can make you come up with a routine to go about it, everyday. Once this particular project is done there is a relief that washes over. However now that this routine is no more, you begin to wonder how to construct your day that is now without reason. You may loose that part that makes you feel efficient and have to come up with a new way to go about your day, that is until your next project anyway. This goes for artists, authors, etc. It does not end there though. What happens when a person who normally works out does not have time to go to the gym as much, because they got a new job? They start to function differently, out of the normality of their everyday life. People become institutionalized of their own lives and it is hard to break free of what one knows, especially when they are left with no choice. Some people stay in their current situation even if there is a better way out for them, for they feel they wouldn’t know how to function in a different atmosphere. That is what separates the thinkers and the doers in this world. The doers take that next step forward even if they are unsure of what lies ahead to gain the chance to succeed in what their routine shaped world has not yet encountered.

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